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Anyone can find themselves struggling with their psychological wellbeing and need support, but this happens much more frequently in people with long-term physical health conditions such as psoriasis, so if you are struggling to cope, know that you’re not alone and there are many people and services which which can help you.

Many people find it difficult to bring up difficulties with emotions and mood with others, whether family, friends, or a healthcare professional – but healthcare professionals such as GPs or specialist consultants will be able to offer you support or direct you to where you can access it. Almost 1/3 GP appointments involves a mental health component, so remember your GP will no doubt have heard similar things many times before, probably on the same day, and they should understand your difficulties.

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Some of the services that could help you are covered below. None of these services are directly related to psoriasis, but some have specific support for those with long-term conditions. For more information on the types of support you could access, check the psychological wellbeing section.

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IAPT provide free therapy for people experiencing a range of problems associated with stress, depression and anxiety, and some services provide specialised therapy for people with long-term conditions.

You could ask your GP for a referral to IAPT, or you could check the website for your local IAPT service, which may offer a self-referral system over the phone or online. If you would like to find your local IAPT service, click here.

Moodzone offers advice, useful contacts and self-help tips for managing stress, anxiety and depression.

MIND offer information and advice on a range of common mental health problems.

Many local MIND services also offer support for psychological problems, including counselling. If you would like to find your local MIND service and check out what they could offer you, click here.

Rethink also offer information and advice for people facing difficulties with mental health, along with various local services including advocacy, carer support, crisis services, support groups and more.

You can see what is available in your local area from the front page of their site.

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