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It can also provide an informal source of advice for managing your condition, informed by people with experience doing so – although caution is advised in taking all advice at face value, as much of the advice is not coming from healthcare professionals and so effectiveness and safety cannot be guaranteed.

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TalkPsoriasis is a community set up by the National Psoriasis Foundation. It has over 165,000 members, making it the largest psoriasis online community, with conversations on a large variety of topics, from dating with psoriasis, to parenting children with psoriasis, to dealing with stares, to building UV light boxes and discussions around treatments. Some people with psoriasis find TalkPsoriasis helpful not only to connect with others and get practical advice, but also to support their psychological wellbeing and manage their mood and emotions.

There are many blogs written by people with psoriasis, in order to offer lifestyle advice, treatment advice, raise awareness, and share their stories.

You can find posts people have made on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by searching for popular psoriasis-related hashtags, such as #Psoriasis, #Psoriatic and #GetYourSkinOut. People post on a wide variety of topics, and some people share pictures, offer advice, and raise awareness, with the goal of normalising the condition.

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