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Plaques on your scalp may appear red and raised, with silver, white or yellow scaly skin, also appearing on the edges of your scalp, forehead, neck, or around your ears. Flakes could appear like dandruff in your hair and on your clothing. Severe scalp psoriasis can cause temporary thinning of the hair due to scratching, but there are many ways to improve your scalp’s condition or hide it if you prefer.

Psoriasis advice: Scalp

  • Treatments need to be effectively applied to the scalp itself rather than the hair. Try parting your hair in sections, and get someone to help with the top and back of your head. Read the application instructions carefully.
  • Use old pillowcases when using treatments which may cause staining.
  • Allow weeks rather than days for topical treatments to have an effect.
  • Brush or comb your hair regularly and gently, not touching your scalp. This can help to remove dandruff-like scales.
  • Plaques around the hairline can be hidden with different hairstyles if you don’t feel confident with them being visible. Many hairdressers have experience treating clients with scalp psoriasis, so do not worry about visiting the hairdresser and being open with them. Be careful with perming and colouring as these can irritate the scalp; highlights should be safe.

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