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About half of people with psoriasis will find that their nails are affected; Nails can become pitted, discoloured, thickened, loosened or raised from the nail bed, or be lost completely. Psoriasis in any area that is highly visible like the nails could understandably make you feel self-conscious or embarrassed. Nail psoriasis can be particularly difficult to treat, but a few things may help.

Psoriasis advice: Nails

  • The cosmetic appearance of the nails may be improved by ,keeping the nails cut short, buffing them smooth or painting the nail with clear polish. Try getting a manicure by a nail technician who is familiar with the condition.
  • The nails can take longer to improve even when plaques on the body have cleared due to treatment as it can take up to a year for a deformed nail to completely grow out. If your skin symptoms have cleared and stay cleared, it is likely your nail symptoms will eventually improve.

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