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Elbows & knees

Areas where parts of the body bend are sometimes called ‘flexures’, and psoriasis in these areas can be worsened by sweat and friction. If you have plaques in these areas, they may not be scaly like other plaques and may be redder and shiny, potentially more painful, and can require different treatments applied to the skin, designed for sensitive areas.

Psoriasis advice: Elbows & knees

  • Where possible, it may help to wear clothing that does not cover the elbows or knees. If you or someone you know with psoriasis doesn’t feel comfortable showing these areas in public, maybe give it a try once and see if you can improve your confidence.
  • Plaques in flexures may be worsened by tight clothing, so wearing clothes that fit as loosely as possible may help to reduce friction and sweat.
  • Care should be taken to not expose these areas to the sun, which may worsen the skin.

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I used to cover up my knees and elbows but the clothes rubbing against me really hurt and made them bleed more. I now keep them uncovered when I’m at home. Hiding them made me feel embarrassed and ashamed, especially in summer. It was freeing to work past that, but it took time and also CBT therapy to get over some of my anxiety and self-esteem issues.

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Supporting you to feel comfortable in your own skin