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Interactive healthcare appointment

We’ve created an interactive video to demonstrate the difference being prepared for your appointments could make, and hope it helps you to prepare for them in the future.

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Resources to help you prepare for healthcare appointments

Have you ever left an appointment with your healthcare professional and felt disappointed with the outcome? Perhaps you were hoping for a different treatment, or a referral, but that didn’t happen?

During the video, you will be presented with two clickable options; the ‘empowered patient’ and the ‘less prepared patient’. Click the patient whose response you would like to see, and restart the video to view the responses you didn’t see first time around.

Appointment discussion guide

What does my healthcare professional need to know, so they can make the right decision about my treatment? How could I prepare for my appointment, so it goes as well as it can?

We’ve created a guide to answer these questions. With actionable advice on how to get what is best for you out of your appointments and participate in decisions about your treatment, we aim to support you to become an empowered patient. You can read or download the guide by clicking on the buttons below.

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Supporting you to feel comfortable in your own skin