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Talking about psoriasis

Many people with psoriasis decide to hide their condition and not discuss it with their family, friends and/or colleagues due to feeling embarrassed. This is a personal choice, there is no right or wrong way to approach disclosure – it all depends on how severe and visible your psoriasis is, if you want to hide it, how much it affects your life, and ultimately, how comfortable you feel discussing it. We’ll cover some tips and advice here, with the aim of boosting your confidence - if you’ve been feeling nervous about telling people, you may find relief in your psoriasis being uncovered.

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Psoriasis discussion advice

If you decide to tell people, whether a friend, family, manager or colleague, these pointers may help:

  • Choose a way you feel most comfortable with (such as email, or face to face)
  • Choose a time when neither you nor the other person are busy or under pressure
  • Stick to the facts when you first discuss it – what it is, triggers, treatments, the impact on your work or social life, and what support you need.
  • Have an objective in mind – do you need them to understand what support you need, why you can feel down or why you can’t socialise sometimes?
  • People will often ask questions, so read up on the facts and have some answers prepared.

Only you can know if the decision is best for you, but if you do tell others, congratulate yourself – it’s never easy coming out about your skin, but sometimes awkward conversations need to be had for things to improve, and the positives of doing so may well outweigh the negatives.

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