Choice in treatment

Your choice in treatment matters

If you’re seeking treatment for psoriasis, you should be included in decision making about your treatment, taking into account your needs and preferences. You should be offered evidence-based written information about your treatment options, in accordance with the type of psoriasis you have, in order to make informed decisions about your care.

This is the guidance given by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence); if you feel you are not being sufficiently supported to make informed decisions, you should raise this with your healthcare professional and refer to this guidance.

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When can I be referred to a specialist?

If you’re assessed through your GP, the severity of your psoriasis, the impact of the condition on your physical, psychological and social wellbeing, and the presence of psoriatic arthritis and other co-occurring conditions should be taken into account. Please see the criteria below for being referred to a specialist dermatologist.

NICE state you should be referred to a specialist dermatologist if:

  • There is any uncertainty about your diagnosis
  • Your psoriasis is severe (more than 10% of your body is affected)
  • It can’t be controlled with creams and ointments
  • It requires light-based treatments
  • It involves the nails in any way that causes problems
  • Your psoriasis causes major problems in your life, such as difficulty working or socialising
  • Your affected skin is highly visible
  • It is having a major impact on your physical, psychological or social wellbeing
  • Your joints are or might be affected (if you have psoriatic arthritis)

If you believe you should be referred to a specialist dermatologist and your GP has not done so, it may be a good idea to raise your concerns with them and refer to this guidance.

Many GPs can help patients manage mild to moderate psoriasis effectively, but by the nature of their roles they do not usually have the same expertise as specialist dermatologists, and you have the right to request a referral if you meet any of the above criteria.

Always speak to your healthcare professional if you have any questions about treatments.

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